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 You will find instructional and training videos for ICONICS products here. Learn how to use, configure and get better results from our products.


  • AlarmWorX64 - Next Generation in Alarm Management Software
  • EarthWorX - Visibility for Geographically Dispersed Assets
  • GraphWorX64 - Design Vector-based Graphics in 2D and 3D Representing the Real World
  • TrendWorX64- Next Generation in Trend Management Software
  • Workbench64 - Centralized Configuration Environment
  • GridWorX- Spreadsheet Visualization for any Database



  • Hyper Historian - High Speed, Reliable and Robust Plant Historian
  • TrendWorX64 - Next Generation in Trend Management Software
  • TrendWorX32 - Enterprise-wide data collection, logging, charting, reporting and analysis system